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There’s a culture vulture in all of us; the question is, what do you embrace, or would like to find out more about? This blog is just like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get, so whether you’re an art aficionado, or would like to attend an opera, then this is the culture guide for you.

Delve into this blog with an

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The future is uncertain for the Ulster Orchestra

The Ulster Orchestra has a long-standing home in the historic Ulster Hall. This includes the performance area, as well as two floors which have been previously used by the Ulster Orchestra Society Ltd as meeting rooms and general office space.

The Arts Council has been the principal provider of funding for the Ulster Orchestra for some years. Recent cuts across many arts projects have seen contributions reduced

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Art funding cuts means a worrying time for the Halle Orchestra

The Halle Orchestra is finding times tough just like many other similar organisations who have seen a reduction in sponsorship and a cut in Arts Council funding lately. Because of this, the Orchestra has had to think outside the box for ways to drum up additional revenue.

In an unusual move, the Halle has been busy training several office choirs as a source of new revenue. Six

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Bolshoi Ballet dazzles in latest production

The best of Moscow’s ballet troupe promises to be in perfect shape as they take on Jewels, George Balanchine masterpiece. Although diamonds are a girl’s best friend, ballet fans will be smitten with many other precious stones once they see the latest performance by Bolshoi Ballet.

The piece that premiered in 1967 and has dazzled the world since then is described as a new gem in the

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Expected mixed reviews for little known Verdi opera

As is usually the case when a relatively unknown opera is performed in the grand tradition, reviews are somewhat mixed, but with the performance of Verdi’s Les Vêpres sicilienne at the Royal Opera, all of them accentuate the positive and make allowances for any perceived failures. Christopher Wintle, opera scholar writing for the ROH website, praises the music above all else, with arias, duets and the

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The cost of staging a grand opera

Opera uses many different avenues in order to engage the mind, reach into the heart, and stimulate the senses of those who go out to the theatre to watch it. However, the experience does not come without a cost because there are a lot of people involved in making such a large production.

For instance, opera requires a large group of soloists for the actual performance, a

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Young musicians are better prepared for the future according to new study

Young people who have the opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument are better prepared for a happy and productive future than those who don’t, according to verifiable statistics. That is the basic premise of the Mayor’s Music Fund, a not-for-profit charity funded only by donations that was launched by London Mayor Boris Johnson in May 2011.

The Fund for Young Musicians is meant to

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Ballet super couple round off Bolshoi tour with style

Ivan Vasiliev and Natalia Osipova are a super couple in the world of ballet. To mark the conclusion of the Bolshoi’s London run, the couple who are onstage and offstage partners will return to play as young French revolution lovers and will be the guest artists to the original company where they trained,

The Flames of Paris received mixed reviews, described as a weakly plotted work, with

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Tete a Tete opera to make a welcome return

The Tete a Tete opera company has made a welcome return, with over 30 brand new operas being performed within the space of 17 days. Three of those new pieces were sampled during its second night; Gala was the first and is about a relationship between singer Jeff Fenholt and Gala, Salvador Dali’s wife; a relationship that dates back to 1973 when the singer held the

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12 year old opera star set to travel to Shanghai to perform in new opera

12 year old Rachael Xu from Londonderry is about to make her own mark in the world when she travels to Shanghai to perform in a new opera that has already received a great deal of acclaim about Noah’s Flood. Xu is a student of Lumen Christie that sang in an eight show run of Noye’s Fludde presented by Benjamin Britten at the Belfast Zoo in

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Conor McPherson once again tries to match the success of The Weir

In 1997 Conor McPherson created The Weir which was a brilliant and moving play that took place in Ireland. It has since then essentially become a classic which he likely feels blessed about given the fact that he was only in his twenties when he wrote it.

At the same time his unlikely success also is frustrating to McPherson as he is yet to create a play

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